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As we grow and learn there have been  several projects we have undertaken that seem to generate higher levels of interest than others.  Hopefully it’s because these particular topics are providing useful insight into the lessons we have learned and making other farmers / farmsteads / homesteaders / people in general reconnect with their food. Whatever the reason, we decided to make these articles far more accessible and help people find the related content that may help them grow their own endeavors.  We will update the content on this page based on what we see people searching for and sharing.

Still can’t find what you are looking for - try the search box on the right nav bar, it’s likely in there :)

Last Update 2/27/2012

Most Popular How To Farm Posts

How to build a homemade chicken scalder (and part 2)

How to build a chicken brooder on a budget (and another version here)

How to build a high tunnel / hoop house / green house from scratch (part 2)

How to build a leanto on a barn (parts 23456)

How to build a root cellar in your basement

We also have a link directly to all our posts that are filed under the category “How To” – a great way to browse and see what we have done and learn how you can likely do it better!

Some other popular resources that we will make home for soon on another resource page…

Pastured Chicken Statistics (margins, inputs, costs, value) - and the discussion in CoopCast 8,9,10

Small Farm Business Planning

The Process of Chicken Processing

Planting Hardy Scale and Seed Starting Worksheet (dates for starting seeds and harvesting platns)