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Pasture Raised Holiday and Heritage Turkeys

Nothing says “holiday feast” more than a tasty roast turkey.  But have you ever stopped to wonder during those family gatherings how the heck the food system raises all those turkeys for less than fifty cents a pound?  In all it’s graphic details - it’s not topic for the dinner table! Well, in promoting better food and local food we have had a LOT of conversations about the value of food and bringing people together. To celebrate the feasts of the holidays we will be offering a VERY limited number of pasture raised turkeys for each holiday season.  Regardless if you pick up the bird or if you participate in the Pasture to Plate Experience, we think our turkeys are something special.


We usually raise 2 or 3 different breeds each year:

Midget White (7-15# in late-October) turkeys are an old breed that fill out and have the texture of a traditional turkey but have an unmatched taste.  Not gamey or tough - these birds are our absolute favorite turkeys to raise AND eat.  Rather than a giant bird for the holidays we have found 2 smaller Midget White birds give you twice the drumsticks and keep Uncle Charlie from complaining (as much)!  

Broad Breasted White (25# plus in late-September) turkeys are the breed most people associate with Thanksgiving nowadays.  If you are looking for the healthy meat and nutritional quality of a pastured bird with the “traditional” look, size and texture of a holiday turkey this is likely what you want.  Unlike their grocery store counterparts, their life on pasture makes them stay juicy for days after!

Burbon Red (7-15# plus in late-October) turkeys are an old breed that foodies love.  Their meet has a firmer texture than the other breeds and their meet is darker throughout.


Contact us each season for pricing but typically the heritage birds arebetween $6-$8 a pound and between $4.50 and $5.50 a pound for non-heritage birds.  Visit the pricing page for current availaibility.

Pasture to Plate Experience

Imagine the memories and stories to share with the family…  On a cool day this autumn you (and your own helper) come out the the farm, select your very own turkey and walk through the experience of transforming that animal into your families special holiday meal.  A true chance to bring the pasture to plate experience to your family.  Space will be limited but the cost of the experience will include memories to share around the dining table as well as your very own shrink bagged turkey to enjoy.  If you are interested in additional details about this amazing opportunity to connect with your food in a way some many people can’t, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will provide dates and pricing information in early fall.

Cooking a Heritage Bird

While we talk a lot about how much better tasting a heritage bird is a lot of it is how the turkey is managed in the kitchen. We put together a simple sheet that we think is the best way to prepare a heritage bird - and it’s free to download!

We look forward to being part of your family celebrations this year.