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Pastured Pork from Pastured Pigs

Remember how grandma used to make the best tasting pork dinners?  Well, there’s a REASON factory farmed pork doesn’t have the taste of yesteryear…  it’s been breed out of the pigs in favor of super size and growth speed when raised in confinement.  Pork raised away from nature just doesn’t taste, well, natural!  Isn’t it time to switch to sustainable pork that tastes the way nature intended it?

Welcome back to the real taste of real pork

Putting pigs in a natural environment requires pigs that understand nature.  The pastured pork process starts with heritage breed genetics that know how to root, forage and farrow in open spaces.  From that know how these heritage breeds produce some of the best tasting pork you have ever had.  Our pigs come from an eclectic background including prominent genetics from the Gloucestershire Old Spot, the Tamworth and the flavor prized Berkshire breeds.  We have chosen a mix of those older breeds hoping to capture the best traits of all of them.  After all, pastured pork is all about letting the pigs be pigs.

Purchasing Pastured Pork

Hogwarts School of Charcuterie

Hogwarts School of Charcuterie @ Chicken Thistle Farm

Our young pigs are pasture grown on several acres per pig and finished on a fall harvest, pasture, and hay.  The pigs were processed locally at a USDA approved facility to your specifications (smoking of hams, bacon, etc is also available).  If you are interested in trying some of our delicious pastured pork simply contact us regarding availability of cuts and pricing.

Current Pork Offerings

We are currently sold out of 1/2 shares of pork for the 2013 season.  For your reference, 1/2 shares were sold  at a price of $5.50 per pound based off hanging weight.  For those customers who missed out on half pig shares or who can’t bring home as much pork,  we now have smaller portions of pork for sale!  This pork by the pound include pork samplers, sausage, bacon bundles and more.  Pricing can be found here.  Be sure to sign up for our mailing to stay up to date with pork availability!

How do I learn what’s in 1/2 a pig?

We put together all the information you need to understand what a side of pork includes and how much space you’d really need (not as much as you think!).