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Happy hens (can you find the rooster?)

Here’s an important question : “Chicken Thistle Farm eggs are...”

A) pastured

B) cage free

C) free range

D) All of the above

“D, Final answer.”

Nice job.  Yes, our eggs are laid by a flock comprised of Barred (Plymouth) Rock, Buff Rock, California, Golden Commet, Rhode Island Red and Speckled Sussex hens that are watched over by our rooster, Phil.  While we don’t let them range everywhere because of the proximity of an active fox den, they have a massive area within movable electrified poultry netting that gets moved to fresh pasture every few days.  They have no cages, come and go in the coop when they want to and enjoy a lot of time foraging for themselves…  that’s actually why these breeds were chosen.

Here’s another one for you : Does Chicken Thistle Farm feed their chickens a vegetarian diet like so many of the premium eggs in the grocery store advertise?

NO!  Nature created chickens as omnivores and they love bugs, worms, beetles and even mice.  The feed they eat is all locally grown and milled, but they are allowed to eat lots of animal based proteins – however they may find it.  Want to know more about their feed?

Ohh, ohh, I have a question : Are your chickens fed antibiotics?

Nope – none.  NO antibiotics, not hormones no growth enhancers…  nothing but local feed, pasture and critters they find.

A dozen fresh eggs

How do I get some of the amazing eggs?

Now there’s the best question you have asked yet!  Egg pickups are on Thursdays - either morning or evening.  Call or email early in the week to check availability and place an order for Thursday.  Here’s all the ways to contact us right here.  Your order will be ready for you at the time you select on Thursday (morning or evening). Our drive in egg pickup allows you to quickly pick up your eggs from our cooler, drop in your money and be on your way!  Our delicious, pastured eggs are $4/dozen.


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