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Some simple answers to a simple question:

How do I order (get) delicious local food from your farm?

Pasture Raised Eggs –  Our eggs are available as our hens lay them.  Because we don’t run a production egg laying operation that means sometimes we have lots of eggs and sometimes we have just a few.  Egg pickups are on Thursdays - either morning or evening.  Call or email early in the week to check availability and place an order for Thursday.  Your order will be ready for you at the time you select on Thursday (morning or evening). Our drive in egg pickup allows you to quickly pick up your eggs from our cooler, drop in your money and be on your way!  Our delicious, pastured eggs are $4/dozen.  If you are interested, the best way to get on the list is to email the main hen directly – kelli(at)  You can contact us any other way to request eggs as well here


Pasture Raised Pork – Our first batch of hogs were harvested in December 2011 and our most recent batch was processed in the Fall of 2014.  The best way to order pork is by purchasing 1/2 a pig, saving a lot of money and getting the exact cuts your family likes! There’s lots more information on the pork and how the process works here.  2014 1/2 pig shares sold for only $5.79/pound - with even more discounts for getting in early with a pre-deposit!

BUT - not everyone wants (or can) have a freezer full of the best pork around…  so we also now offer smaller sampler packs and portions of the pig for sale as well. Check out the price list here.

  • We typically have breakfast and mild Italian sausage packs available.
  • We also have some sampler packs including some of the choice cuts of pork like bacon and chops… Check out the bundles here.


Pasture Raised Broiler Chickens – Our pasture chickens go fast!  Ohh, and here’s a tip: number one complaint from new customers “I didn’t order enough chickens, I only got 3 and they are so great we ate them all before we knew it and had to go back to tasteless ‘store chicken’ for the rest of the year.” – Sold out for 2014.



Fresh Seasonal Produce – When produce is in season, we don’t have a roadside stand and we don’t attend any farmers markets but we have offered a great CSA.  Sign ups for the CSA usually happen in January-February and customers in the CSA the previous year are given the preferred option of joining for another year.  In 2014, we offered an a la carte CSA option called Taste of the Farm.  It didn’t involve a full season committment.  Instead, customers received emails when shares were available, typically every other week. Be sure to sign up for our email list and keep your eyes on Facebook or Twitter (follow @chickenthistle) for announcements when we have shares available.  Visit our CSA page for more information.  


Pasture Raised Holiday and Heritage Turkeys – We typically offer a small number of pastured turkeys (both traditional and heritage breeds).  If you are interested in this very special opportunity and want to take part in the pasture to plate opportunity of literally catching up, processing and putting your own turkey on your family’s table– make sure you have signed up on our email list. Sold out for 2014.