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Get them greenhouse rodents

Someone asked how we deal with seasonal rodents in the greenhouse and the answer is a pretty simple system actually. It's nothing more than a cheap mousetrap, a big nail and a section of old drain pipe.
Simply find the runways where the voles, moles and /or mice travel. Place a big nail through a hole drilled in a mouse trap and press the trap into the middle of their highway. Load the trap and don't worry about any bait. Then place a section of cut pipe or old gutter over the runway and trap so it looks like a dark tunnel. That's it. Check your traps twice a day and before you know it - there won't be anything left to trap!


Mouse control in a greenhouse

The plastic trap in a mouse runwayThis time of year controlling mice and the occasional mole or vole in the greenhouse is kinda like chess to me.  I’m not very good at chess mind you…  I’m too much of a rush in and get ‘er done kind of guy for chess.

In the greenhouse I have tried various rodent control measures.  The best one is our Border Terrier Watson…  but he’s not overly appreciative of the plants we are trying to grow in there - so he’s more the apocalyptic approach to rodent management - no rodents, no veggies left eitherer.

Because of his interest (and the chickens as well) in chowing on rodents, poison isn’t a favorite for me either…  although it usually does work pretty well the high humidity in the greenhouse makes it a challenge as it clump, glumps and smears all over.

So, a couple of years ago I learned about the concept of putting a simple old mousetrap in the runway you see in the picture (that worn path top to bottom) and let the mouse (critterer) that’s cruising along that path step on the trap.  It’s a great process - fast and effective…  but in the greenhouse with that high humidity I found the standard wooden traps were warping, molding and falling apart in a very short time frame.  That’s why I was so happy to discoverer these plastic versions of the mouse trap (see - you CAN build a better mouse trap!)  They work about the same as the old wooden ones but are easierer to load without smashing your finger tips and they don’t rot.  They just work.

Just cock the trap, set on a mouse runway and empty the bounty the next day.  Hey mice - check mate.