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Share 10: Starting to feel like Fall!

It’s amazing how quickly it started to feel like fall around here!  There are even signs of fall evident in the gardens - all signs that summer is coming to a close.  In the meantime, here’s your piece of summer for this week:

Garlic!  Fresh garlic is a real treat and very flavorful.  We’ve been enjoying it in our bruschetta recipe or try the Martha Stewart recipe mentioned below. 

Summer squash. This is one of the crops that has struggled in our field this year after the rainy start but we are harvesting some.  Enjoy your share of some zucchini, yellow squash or patty pan squash.

Curly kale.  More lettuce is on the way (weather permitting!) but this kale makes a great salad.  We also found this coconut cream kale recipe that we’re going to try.

Cabbage. This week you have another head of cabbage.  Enjoy the last days of summer with fresh cole slaw.  We smoked some Chicken Thistle ribs last week and served with homemade creamy coleslaw.  This is another marinated slaw recipe that we love.

Cucumber. The cucumber plants have continued producing.  Enjoy something like this!

Tomatoes. You’ll have another batch of tomatoes this week including an heirloom Cherokee Purple, as they are now ripening.  Use your kale and garlic to make this Martha Stewart kale tomato garlic recipe.

Peppers. You’ll have some more green peppers.  We made a batch of stuffed peppers this week and froze them.  They’ll taste delicious when it’s winter and we’re craving the taste of summer!

Onions. Enjoy some white onions from the garden this week.   Use to make fresh salsa, along with your tomatoes.  You can also make stewed tomatoes or ratatouille





Share 9: Summer in a box


The harvest of familiar summer veggies continues this week. So, here’s what’s in the box.

Peppers. Bell peppers of various colors and hot banana peppers. Now is the time to make some stuffed peppers! There are so many recipes out there for stuffed peppers including vegetarian options.

Tomatoes. You have a nice mix of heirloom (funny looking/pink) and standard slicing tomatoes.

Kale. Tuscan kale. Kale chips always come to mind because they are so good but there are other options too. Try this or this with your kale this week.

Swiss chard. You have more vitamin-packed swiss chard this week. We just found this recipe and plan to try it!

Cucumber. Another cucumber this week. We love to dip cucumbers in hummus for a snack. Here are some other ideas.

Beans. You’ll see more of our colorful beans this week. We just enjoyed them as a side this week for dinner: blanched for 2 minutes and then tossed with butter. Yum! The beans are also great for dipping in hummus as a snack!

Eggplant. More eggplant this week - it has actually loved this year’s wacky weather. We made a big batch of “eggplant nuggets” this week (see below) and froze them (and ate a bunch too). What are eggplant nuggets? That’s what we call eggplant slices dipped in egg, breaded and baked. (We fried some too.). This is particularly good with the small eggplants. They freeze nicely and then can be thawed and used in eggplant parm or lasagna. But they are just a great finger food as well. Even the kids will love them. You can use a recipe such as this one for breading and baking.

Choice! It’s another week with an extra choice. You can select one of the extra options available at pickup - Choice includes some heirloom zucchini, hot pepper mix (think salsa!), extra cukes, and more.


The garlic were harvested and are still drying in the barn.  Garlic will not arrive until next week!!



Share 8: August Arrives

So, what does share 8 have to offer?  Here’s what’s in the box:

Tomatoes. More tomatoes this week.  The more ugly, odd-shaped tomatoes are the heirloom tomatoes.  They have a great flavor this year!

Cabbage. In the upper left, you’ll see one of the mini heads of cabbage.  Your share will have either a red or green mini cabbage.  How about coleslaw this week?  Use your carrots and cabbage! 

Eggplant. The eggplants are still producing like crazy!  You will see several varieties of eggplant.  Try some eggplant parmesan or let us know your favorite way to prepare eggplant (and check out our recipes from previous shares!). 

Cucumber. You’ll see another cucumber this week.  We’re planning to use our tomatoes and cucumber to make this recipe this week! 

Beans. More beans this week.  Yellow, purple and green!   Here are some ideas.

Onions. We’ve harvested the first of the onions!  Store them in a dark, dry place and they will last for whenever you need them.  Enjoy the flavor of fresh picked onions!

Baby carrots. We picked some baby carrots this week!  Use them to make some fresh coleslaw or just eat them fresh.  Yes, there are some purple carrots in there.

Basil.  A share with tomatoes just needs some basil too!  Make a homemade flatbread pizza for a quick weeknight meal or make caprese salad. 

Stay tuned for next week - the first of the garlic will arrive! 



Share 7: Another egg-citing share

This week brings you more of summer’s bounty from the garden.  Here’s what’s in the box:

Eggplant.  Mother nature’s crazy weather this year hasn’t stopped the eggplants from producing.  You have two varieties of eggplant in this share.  Both are more mild than the traditional eggplant many of you are used to.  If you think you don’t like eggplant, give these a try.  The smaller striped eggplant are small asian eggplants and are excellent in stir fries as well as grilled.

Cucumber. The first of our cucumbers finally arrived this week.  There were so many blooms but the plants just hadn’t produced yet.  Enjoy your first cucumber.  We enjoyed a traditional vinegar cucumber salad with our dinner last night.  You may try that or one of these.  Do you have a favorite way to enjoy cucumbers? 

Beans.  The first of our beans also arrived this week.  In this share, you have tender purple filet beans and yellow beans.  We love to eat beans raw as a snack and in our salads.  Of course, you can’t go wrong with something like this.

Kale. The hot spell of weather means lettuce is done for a while but our curly kale makes for a great salad.  (Why do people think this vitamin-packed veggie is just a garnish!)  We shared our favorite salad recipe in a previous share post.  Check it out!

Broccoli. You have more broccoli in your share this week.  This sounds really good to try, doesn’t it?

Peppers. More peppers are in your share this week too.  You have green peppers and hot banana peppers.   Here and here and here are some recipe ideas.

Tomatoes. More tomatoes have begun ripening.  The pinkish tomato in your share this week is known as pink beauty and it is delicious.  It’s great for BLT’s or on sandwiches!

Basil.  Of course, we’ll also have basil available again this week.  Why not enjoy one of our favorites?  Caprese salad.   That’s been on the Chicken Thistle menu several times this week. Enjoy!





Share 6: A move toward summer

Summer has really arrived this week.  We’ve even had to water some veggies now.  Wht a difference a week makes!  As we gathered the share for this week, we felt optimism at the change in weather but we are still dealing with the effects of the extended rainy season.  Our summer squash and zucchini would normally be producing but were in a very wet area and are still stunted.  We’ve been taking care of them and hope they’ll produce soon.  The cucumbers are slow to get going right now too.  There are blooms but no actual fruits.  Anyway, enough of what’s not here.  Here’s what’s in the box this week:

Gooseberries.  On the lower left is a small container of gooseberries.  We don’t focus on growing much fruit, but thought you might enjoy sampling some of these goosberries.  The purple ones are more sweet while the ones with green are more tart.  Enjoy snacking!

Peppers.  Behind the berries is a mix of peppers.  You’ll enjoy some of the first green peppers of the year along with a light colored heirloom frying pepper variety called Antohi Romanian.  We love this frying pepper because it has a nice sweet flavor that the olive oil brings out.  Consider making shish kabobs or just grilled veggies on the grill this week.  You’ll also see the bright, slender sampling of hot banana peppers.  These are hot but if you don’t love hot, just remove the seeds to remove some heat.  We love to add these to our grilled veggie mix but we also make homemade pizzas with hot banana peppers as a topping. 

Bok choy or napa cabbage.  At the back of the box you’ll see the last of the bok choy.  Your share will either contain bok choy or napa cabbage this week.  This is the last of it, as it isn’t happy in the hot weather.  As it’s the end of the season, it doesn’t look as flawless as it did earlier in the year, but it tastes just as good!  Make another stir fry or add the leaves and stalks right to your grilled veggies!

Lettuce.  There are two summer varieties of lettuce this week.  In the middle, you’ll see an heirloom called deer tongue lettuce.  It has a very sharp flavor and some people love it and others just don’t.  The other variety of lettuce is a mini romaine lettuce.  It also has a more spicy flavor.  Consider using these lettuces on the grill with a recipe like this.  We love grilled salads and this approach is the only way we personally like to cut the spiciness of these varieties. 

Eggplant.  On the right side, you’ll see the first of the year’s eggplant.  These are more mild varieties of eggplant, so if you don’t think you have liked eggplant in the past, give these a try.  You can add them to a stir fry or you can grill them with your peppers. 

Broccoli.  In the middle, you’ll see a sampling of broccoli. You can add this sampling to your mix of grilled veggies as well or just enjoy with a cool dressing for dipping. 

Tomatoes.  Hurray!  Tomato season is beginning.  We have been so upset to see our tomatoes suffering through the very rainy weather.  We really worked hard to save the plant roots from rotting and we are beginning to see the benefits of all that work.  There are several varieties that are beginning to ripen now.  In this picture, the red tomato on the right is the variety known as early girl and the other tomato is a favorite known as pink beauty.  We’ve already had our first fresh BLT sandwich of the year!

With the strange and extreme weather this year, we just can’t predict what you’ll be seeing in next week’s share…so just stay tuned and thanks for supporting us through the growing season!