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Barn Power : Part 2 : Results

Last night worked out AWESOME - Max and I got the conduit run completely to the main panel in the basement - and it looks PERFECT! Kelli and Carol headed off to the Mall and TJ Maxx to keep busy while the "men" stayed home and built stuff.

We also did all this is style before the work commenced - for dinner last night we fed Max and Carol Grilled Pork Chops with Garlic Lime Sauce and a Black-Bean and Tomato Quinoa side... it was AWESOME!

Today needs another trip to Crown Electric to get the balance of the parts to make the connection to the sub-panel in the barn and get this job done.

But before we hit the road - we started the day with some Blueberry and Raspberry Waffles.

The barn project : Part 2

Since we didn't have anything up before now - the Part 2 in this post refers to the fact that Max and I are going to be attacking the 100A service out the barn again tonight... the first night, we pulled all the scummy wires and rats nest left behind out of the existing conduit - then we reused the conduit between the house and the barn, ran conduit up into the garage attic, and a 10' run along the outside of the attic...
Tonights plan is to complete the attic run, come back down on the other side of the garage, punch through into the basement and get to the main service panel... We shall see...

Chicken Thistle Farm

As most of you who will start out reading this know - we have finally moved to our new home - and have names it Chicken Thistle Farm. We are quite excited - and although we love the home, barn and land... we also have some really big plans for it... So - we figured this would be the best place to post the latest happenings, festivities, plans, work, follies and other things that make this house out home.
We will try and be brief in our posts - and keep the flavor for the humor light... And by all means - feel free to contribute...

As you all know - our house and home are open to you - we look forward to seeing you here - and in person!
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