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Share 12: End of August

Radishes.  You’ll enjoy more of the late planting of radishes this week.

Sweet bell peppers. Again this week, there is a mix of green and colored bell peppers including a few more of the mini chocolate peppers included last week.

Eggplant. There are still eggplants producing in the garden so you get some more this week!

Zucchini. Everyone gets a zucchini this week.  We enjoy this zucchini marinara recipe but we also love this zucchini corn cake recipe too. 

Cabbage. Enjoy another head of cabbage this week in your share.  Maybe you’ll make some coleslaw for the long holiday weekend?

Tomatoes.  All of our hard work during the rainy part of the season to save our tomato plants did pay off.  You have a nice haul of tomatoes this week.  In this image, you can see a mix of heirloom cherokee purple and brandywine, as well as some more of our hybrid celebrity and pink beauty varieties. 

Lettuce.  Lettuce is back!  This is a mix of baby lettuce varieties!  Enjoy a fresh salad with your tomatoes and radishes!



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