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Share 11: Salsa time!

It’s a hefty share this week!  Here’s what’s in the box:

Tomatoes. You have a mix of heirlooms and hybrid tomatoes this week.  The heirlooms being harvested are cherokee purple, brandywine and piriform.  You can ask at pickup if you want to ID which variety is which in your share. As the title of this share posts suggests, it’s a great week to make salsa.  Here and here are some simple recipes that can be inspiration for you.

Hot peppers.  This mix includes jalapenos, redpeppino and hot banana peppers.  You can use these in your salsa or consider stuffing them

Greens mix. We have the makings of a fresh salad here again!  You can use your greens mix for a spicy salad or in a stir fry!

Swiss chard. We weren’t sure if you all wanted more swiss chard but then we were sent this recipe for Warm chard roasted garlic dip and thought you might like to try it!

Cucumber.  This is the last of the cucumbers for the year.  Enjoy a fresh cucumber salad one last time! 

Sweet bell pepper mix.  This mix includes green, orange, red and yellow peppers, as well as small brown bell peppers known as chocolate peppers.   Make shish kabobs or stuff them!

Radishes.  Our fall plantings of radishes are now being harvested!  Enjoy in a fresh salad or just snack on them.

Eggplant. The eggplants keep coming this year!  Check out the recipe ideas from the previous posts. 

Onion. Another onion for this week - use it in your salsa.

Garlic.  Another variety of garlic for this week as well.  Try roasting it. 

There won’t be many more shares left this year.  We hope you enjoy the bounty this week!


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