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Lettuce Celebrate the 4th of July

With an eye on the 4th - we thought this third share (which was going to be the first share, by the way and 3+1=4) should be dedicated to making your 4th of July celebrations easy and healthy.  So here's to our hero of the holiday!  The Admiral of the Angiosperms...  The epitome of Eudicots!  We pledge our allegiance to you -  Lactuca sativa. We Salute Salad!

CSA Sahre number 3 Flavor Fireworks!

As Spring quickly fades into summer - the Spring Raab is still producing - so there's more leaves and florets for you to experiment with in this share.  We are going to join the taste testing this week with a variation (using milk and cheese) of this recipe here.

Grilled garlic scape toast and local grass fed porkchops Grilled garlic scape toast and local grass fed porkchops

More green curly things - those yummy garlic scapes.  This week they come from a faster maturing variety of garlic so you will want to trim off the tougher sections of the straight part of the stalk...  unless you are looking for extra fiber.  This week we made a simple spread, put it on some fresh bread and quickly crisped things up on the grill.  The super simple less than 5 minute recipe is below.

The round red things are NOT tomatoes - they are radishes.  Champion to be specific.  Mmm - these are fresh, crispy and AWESOME!  Add them to a salad, eta them whole with a little salt or follow our super simple recipe below for radish sandwiches and be the talk of the 4th of July party (with almost no work!)

The centerpiece of the share might be the 3 tremendous heads of lettuce: a red leaf, a Butter Head, and a tennis ball (that's lettuce - not a real ball).  You will notice a very distinct flavor and texture between the 3 different varieties.  Enjoy in seclusion - or mixed...  but I do have to say for a very special treat make sure you try the Tennis Ball variety (light green color) by itself.  It has VERY delicate leaves and is something special to enjoy.  There's a reason why you have never seen a lettuce quite like this in the industrial food chain on your grocers shelves - recognize and savor this first Ark of Taste offering in the CSA this year. (Ark of Taste definition)

In a fitting tribute to Americas original pre-super her0, there's a bag of the dark green leaves - it's Spinach.  The variety is Tyee.  Serve it with a little Olive Oyl and say it with me - "I yam what I yam, and that's all what I yam".

This week also brings a greens mix- similar to last weeks Ovations mix but with tatsoi and mizuna added in as well (hey - celebrating the 4th as a melting pot!).  Mix this into your fresh salad or serve some grilled salmon on bed of wilted greens, heck, even grill the greens and put them in a pita!

Bok choy - this is the last of the bok choy for this spring - enjoy now or blanch and freeze to use in soup this winter. (Freezing directions: place bok choy in boiling water for 1-2 minutes- plunge into ice water to cool- wring out excess water and lay leaves flat to dry for an hour.  Place in a freezer bag or vacuum seal bag and place in freezer).

This weeks farm fresh recipes are SIMPLE and quick to you can enjoy the holiday without spending it in the kitchen.

Recipe: Garlic Scape Toast

Start to finish - under 5 minutes.  Go start the grill.  Grab some scapes and chop them up in a food processor our really fine on a cutting board.  To the food processor add some of your best olive oil (as much or as little as you like) - let's say 1-2T.  Add some fresh cracked black pepper and sea salt to taste. (Add anything else you want - like parmesan cheese, pine nuts, oregano, whatever).  Process into chunky paste.  From a fresh loaf of bread cut slices 1/2" - 1" thick.  Slather topside with scape spread/paste.  Place bread on hot grill spread facing up until bottom start to brown.  Then flip and grill until spread starts to char.  Make sure not to loose the spread into the grill when removing.  Serve hot.

Recipe: Radish sandwiches

Get yourself a loaf of fresh baguette bread (or bake your own).  You will need some salt and some good unsalted butter (organic or grass fed is best) and you might as well get one of these too.  Cut the bread into small slices about 1/2? thick, spread the butter on there, sprinkle with salt and top with several thin slices of radish.  Enjoy.

A box full of goodness From upper left (clockwise): Radishes, Raab, Tennisball, Red Leaf, Butterhead, Mixed greens, bok choi, Garlic Scapes, Spinach

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