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Recipe: Farm Fresh Edamame (steamed or boiled)

Boiling edamame by jonl Image via Wikipedia

Recipe: Farm Fresh Edamame (steamed or boiled)

Summary: Once you have fresh edamame you will feel bad for the beans they serve you in restaurants


Farm Fresh Edamame

Boiling Water

Sea Salt flakes


  1. Edamame can be boiled or steamed. (we typically steam it) Bring water to a boil in steamer or sauce pan. To steam, place pods in steamer for 5 minutes. To boil, add pods to boiling water for 5 minutes. For both methods, after 5 minutes, remove from steamer or boiling water, place in bowl and add 2 tsp sea salt (or more if desired). To eat, place one end of the pod up in your mouth and squeeze the other end. The beans will pop out right into your mouth. You can also bite lightly into the pod to bite the beans into your mouth. You should be able to taste the salt as well as the beans! The pods are not eaten so have an extra bowl for discarding empty pods!

Quick Notes

Have you had edamame before? We love it and this is the first year we've had real success producing a lot of it (and without the deer finding it). If you want to learn a little bit more about this soybean variety known as edamame, check out this link.


Cook, pop the beans out and toss into salads or other dishes for an awesome treat!

Cooking time (duration): 5

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Ohh - if you missed it - edamame is just a special variety of soybean...  but don't think you will get good flavor from the farmers cow feed field!
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[...] beans from the pod after boiling and use in some of the recipes you find online.  Here’s our simple version. 4. Green and purple beans- we planted a second planting of beans mid-summer so that we could enjoy [...]

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