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Get them greenhouse rodents

Someone asked how we deal with seasonal rodents in the greenhouse and the answer is a pretty simple system actually. It's nothing more than a cheap mousetrap, a big nail and a section of old drain pipe.
Simply find the runways where the voles, moles and /or mice travel. Place a big nail through a hole drilled in a mouse trap and press the trap into the middle of their highway. Load the trap and don't worry about any bait. Then place a section of cut pipe or old gutter over the runway and trap so it looks like a dark tunnel. That's it. Check your traps twice a day and before you know it - there won't be anything left to trap!


Share 14: All good things...

Well, this is it - the last share of the season!  So, here’s what’s in the box this week:

Potatoes.  You’ll enjoy a mix of blue and white potatoes.  This mix is great for making salt potatoes!

Bell peppers. You’ll see a mix of colored sweet bell peppers.  They’re great for roasting, grilling or eating fresh.  There’s also one last green pepper tucked in there too.

Kale.  Since many of you have talked about enjoying the kale this season, you’ll see one last batch in the box.  This variety is tuscan or dinosaur kale and isn’t often found in the store.  Make a final batch of kale chips!

Eggplant. Yes, the eggplant has been prolific for some reason this year.  Try one of the MANY eggplant recipes we’ve provided.  We freeze batches of eggplant parmesan to enjoy later this winter!

Celery.  Fresh picked celery is so flavorful.  Conventional celery is also part of the dirty dozen because of the number of pesticide residues they’ve often found on celery from the store.  You won’t find any of that here - just awesome celery flavor!

Onion. One last yellow onion for you to enjoy - enough said!

Garlic. One last garlic variety to enjoy as well.  Included this week are some of our smaller varieties that are full of flavor.

Edamame. We love edamame and it also freezes very well.  Here is our favorite way to enjoy but you’ll find lots of recipes online!

Tomatoes. We didn’t know if our tomatoes would survive through the rains early this season but they did and you have a final container of tomatoes in this final share!

Herbs.  At pickup, you’ll also have the option to grab some of the last herbs of the year! 

Thank you for supporting us this year!




Share 13: Second to last...

We are nearing the end and next week will be the last of the season. For this week, here’s what’s in the box:

Tomato.  The tomato harvest has slowed way down so enjoy while you can!

Onion.  Another freshly harvested onion is there for you to enjoy.

Curly kale. Use more of this curly kale in a salad or, now that the weather is cooling down, add it to a soup or stew for an extra dose of vitamins.

Zucchini or summer squash.  Enjoy the last of this year’s harvest of summer squash!

Carrots.  Freshly grown carrots are sweet and delicious.  Enjoy as a snack with dip or add to your favorite soup recipe.

Tuscan kale.  This is the last of the tuscan kale and it is difficult to find at the grocery store.  Enjoy!

Sweet bell peppers. You’ll have a mix of various sweet bell peppers this week.  Have you tried making pepperonata? 

Hot peppers.  You have more hot peppers.  There is a lot you can do with them. Why not pickle the banana peppers and use them as a sandwich topper this winter?!   Here are some ideas for the jalapenos!



Share 12: End of August

Radishes.  You’ll enjoy more of the late planting of radishes this week.

Sweet bell peppers. Again this week, there is a mix of green and colored bell peppers including a few more of the mini chocolate peppers included last week.

Eggplant. There are still eggplants producing in the garden so you get some more this week!

Zucchini. Everyone gets a zucchini this week.  We enjoy this zucchini marinara recipe but we also love this zucchini corn cake recipe too. 

Cabbage. Enjoy another head of cabbage this week in your share.  Maybe you’ll make some coleslaw for the long holiday weekend?

Tomatoes.  All of our hard work during the rainy part of the season to save our tomato plants did pay off.  You have a nice haul of tomatoes this week.  In this image, you can see a mix of heirloom cherokee purple and brandywine, as well as some more of our hybrid celebrity and pink beauty varieties. 

Lettuce.  Lettuce is back!  This is a mix of baby lettuce varieties!  Enjoy a fresh salad with your tomatoes and radishes!




Share 11: Salsa time!

It’s a hefty share this week!  Here’s what’s in the box:

Tomatoes. You have a mix of heirlooms and hybrid tomatoes this week.  The heirlooms being harvested are cherokee purple, brandywine and piriform.  You can ask at pickup if you want to ID which variety is which in your share. As the title of this share posts suggests, it’s a great week to make salsa.  Here and here are some simple recipes that can be inspiration for you.

Hot peppers.  This mix includes jalapenos, redpeppino and hot banana peppers.  You can use these in your salsa or consider stuffing them

Greens mix. We have the makings of a fresh salad here again!  You can use your greens mix for a spicy salad or in a stir fry!

Swiss chard. We weren’t sure if you all wanted more swiss chard but then we were sent this recipe for Warm chard roasted garlic dip and thought you might like to try it!

Cucumber.  This is the last of the cucumbers for the year.  Enjoy a fresh cucumber salad one last time! 

Sweet bell pepper mix.  This mix includes green, orange, red and yellow peppers, as well as small brown bell peppers known as chocolate peppers.   Make shish kabobs or stuff them!

Radishes.  Our fall plantings of radishes are now being harvested!  Enjoy in a fresh salad or just snack on them.

Eggplant. The eggplants keep coming this year!  Check out the recipe ideas from the previous posts. 

Onion. Another onion for this week - use it in your salsa.

Garlic.  Another variety of garlic for this week as well.  Try roasting it. 

There won’t be many more shares left this year.  We hope you enjoy the bounty this week!